Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When They Say "With Dignity"...

That doesn't necessarily mean they have any respect to your dignity as a person:
Is it just me or does anyone else worry when liberals talk about doing something "with dignity."

Firstly, it's always bad. Liberals say "allow him to die with dignity" or "resign with dignity." See. Always bad. You see, in liberal world, "with dignity" is code. It means "get out of the way because you're no longer useful to me."
Meanwhile, Quebec National Assembly has established a Select Committee on euthanasia. The fact that they refer to it as a committee on "dying with dignity" (instead of choosing a more honest name) makes it quite clear what side they're on. So make sure you fill their questionnaire and express your opinion on making intentional actions which deliberately terminate person's life legal. Quebec's anti-euthanasia group is called Living With Dignity. At least here you can be sure that when they say "dignity" - they actually mean it.

P.S. The questionnaire is not restricted to Quebec residents; if you don't live in Quebec, just download the questionnaire, print it and mail it to:
Anik Laplante
Commission spéciale sur la question de "mourir dans la dignité"

Édifice Pamphile-Le May
1035, rue des Parlementaires
3e étage, Bureau 3.15
Québec QC  G1A 1A3
Phone: 418-643-2722
Fax: 418-643-0248

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