Sunday, September 26, 2010

40 Days For Life - Greetings From The Pope

I know that for the Holy Father, every day is a day of prayer for the protection of life, but still, isn't that nice?
LONDON, UK, September 24. 2010 ( – Prior to the papal visit to England, the 40 Days for Life campaign team in London wrote to the pope, and has now received a letter in response from his office.

Monsignor Peter B. Wells, responding for the Holy Father, wrote that the pope "appreciates the sentiments which prompted you to write to him about your work."

According to the letter, the pope will be personally praying for "you and all those who seek to protect life in the womb, that their efforts might lead to a growing appreciation of the inalienable rights of the unborn child."

A scan of the exact letter is posted online here.
In Moncton we're doing quite well. Probably, the biggest challenge faced by the participants is registering online, as verification emails often get caught by spam filters thus preventing people from accessing the schedule. But many people don't even bother with online registration, they just show up.

Overall, people in Moncton were quite positive to the 40 Day vigil. Some even offered to bring us coffee and donuts. Obviously, we did have some angry remarks too; some guy even went as far as jumping around us yelling "choice" (not the baby's choice, that's for sure,) but it's not nearly as bad as in Halifax, where the pro-aborts resort to theft and vandalism in a pathetic attempt to discourage people from participating in the vigil.

First they vandalized a bookstore which promoted the campaign. Then, when the vigil started, they raided the vigil site; while one of them distracted Julie, pretending to be an angry passer-by, the others stole the signs and run off. (The police had to be called.) Let the words of the Holy Father be an encouragement to the courageous folks in Halifax, who keep the vigil going in spite of all the harassment from the pro-aborts.

P.S. It looks like some pro-aborts have started a counter campaign against the 40 Days for Life. They call it "4000 years for (un)choice", aimed to celebrate the "the ancient traditions of abortion and contraception from the past 4000 years". Well, they better check their history books and see for themselves what happened to those civilizations and cultures that did embrace abortion, contraception and infant sacrifices back then. Their culture is no exception; those of them that are in their 20s and 30s will see the culture of poor "choice" fading into nonexistence in their lifetime.

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