Monday, September 20, 2010

Dictatorship Of Relativism, Atheist Extremism Threaten Our Freedoms

The Pope sure knew what he was talking about, when he warned people about the threats posed by atheist extremism. Practically, as the Pope was speaking in the UK, in the other hemisphere, a Brazilian pastor was threatened with "legal measures" by government, for speaking out against the ruling party's pro-abortion and pro-homosexualist policies. In Arizona, a pro-abort activist, who had been verbally harassing pro-life protesters, went as far as trying to run down one of them. This incident took place just two weeks after another Arizona man threatened to shoot two pro-life women.

Obviously we know that pro-aborts and anti-family types can't defend their point of view in an open, honest debate, but that doesn't justify their violence. They cry foul about the "rise of the religious right", about "Christian fundamentalism" being a threat to personal freedoms. But in reality, it's them who believe that governments must adhere to their creed. And it's their morally relativist, radical atheist ideology, which they enforce through various "human rights" bodies that threatens our rights and freedoms.

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