Sunday, October 31, 2010

40 Days For Life In Moncton - Closing Speech

Well, it's been 40 days. And here in Moncton we succeeded in keeping the vigil going without interruptions. People had a hard time registering online (the built-in schedule had its security glitches,) so they were just coming in without bothering with registration. The coordinators too, just used an old-fashioned pen and paper. In the end, we had almost 250 participants, whose contribution varied from just one hour (once) to as much as several hours every single day.

We did have some opposition. The pro-aborts made an attempt to match our vigil in early October - that didn't succeed. Since then they were able to gather about a dozen of people on a couple more occasions, but those counter-protests didn't last - especially if the weather was getting worse. Today they came for the last hour wearing masks and trying to disrupt the vigil with loud music. Did any of them expect to see over 30 people at the vigil site? To be honest we too didn't expect so many people to show up for the last hour.

Did we have any success? 541 baby was saved worldwide - and those are just the ones we know of. Obviously, here in Moncton, we never know if an abortion has been cancelled, if there has been at least one baby saved in our city. We walk by faith, not by sight. And we know that our prayers were not in vain.

So, is it over? Not really. After the 40 days, comes day 41.

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