Sunday, October 24, 2010

Anti-Life Culture — Children Are Targeted At School And At Home

First, here's a presentation by George Gilmore. George for many years was president of the New Brunswick Right to Life Association. He has long maintained a keen interest in the education of our youth. He reports on some recent developments in the public schools in the area of “sex education”. Through his presentation, he shows that what happened this past summer in District 16 schools in Miarmichi was certainly not an isolated incident.

Here are the quotes which George's wife didn't find appropriate for his speech. See for yourself, how appropriate those quotes are - especially when it comes to a presentation intended for the grade 9 students.

And, if you think that the children are safe at home - think again. Here's a presentation by Marsha Boyd-Mitchell. Marsha coordinates the Christian Action Federation of NB's ministry to youth and she's a teacher and soon to be a principal of a Christian school in Sussex. Her talk is entitled "Culture Conscious: Right to Life in the Media". But the reality is such that the talk is mainly about the lack of the culture of life in the media.

This presentation exposes fashionable notions on euthanasia, abortion, domestic violence and promiscuity in entertainment. Media often reflects the views of society, but in addition it misinforms youth about these very weighty topics.

That's what our children are being exposed to. Marsha mentions that an average child gets about 30 hours of TV time a week. That doesn't include all the time spent listening to music which, as we've seen, is no better. The solution is - get your children out. There are other schools (like the one where Marsha teaches,) where being pro-life and pro-family is the norm. There are other books, songs and even TV programs that teach children the right values. All we have to do is to support them.

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