Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fetal Rights Debate — Who Is Insane Here?

"Rally to restore sanity" - that's how the US pro-aborts named the rally which they plan to hold on October 30. The name obviously comes from the famous Restoring Honor Rally, that drew over 500,000 participants. Looks like the pro-aborts want to cash in on its popularity (copycats!) and apparently their major buzzword - "choice" has become way too worn out. So they decided to use the word sanity instead, with a bunch of slogans which explain how poor choice to destroy the baby at the earliest stages of development is also the "sane" choice. Protecting those babies, trying to save them from death, is apparently insane.

One of their slogans recommends supporting pro-aborts because "politicians make crappy doctors". Sure, nobody says that it should be a must for a politician to have a med school diploma. But how about a basic knowledge of simple scientific facts on fetal development, that are known to everyone who bothered to take biology classes in middle school? Politicians that keep denying or ignoring those facts for the sake of their ideology, can't be trusted even to put band-aid on a cut. (They may accidentally criss-cross it over your mouth.) And by the way, the fact that politicians make lousy doctors doesn't mean that "planned parenthood" knows best.

Rather the opposite. Here are a few facts that the pro-aborts pretend not to be aware of:

Every day we learn more about fetal development. We know about the tiny heart that starts beating 18-21 days after conception; we know about the tiny feet and arms and fingers - with unique fingerprints already engraved. We know that an unborn baby can feel pain and recognize voices... Now we also know that babies want to be social before they are born:
The impulse to be social is so deep-seated in human consciousness that it’s even evident in the womb, suggests a new study on the interaction of twins just a few months after conception.
The researchers used ultrasound recorders to make three-dimensional videos of five pairs of twins, once at 14 weeks and again at 18 weeks. By the 14th week, they were already reaching for each other. This was even more pronounced by the 18th week, when fetuses touched each other more often than themselves.
So who is insane here? Those who speak up in defense of innocent babies or those who believe that killing them before birth is a "choice"? Those who base their views on scientific facts or those who deny the obvious and cling to a long-discredited ideology? If the pro-aborts want to restore sanity - they should start with themselves.

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