Thursday, October 21, 2010

How Bad Does It Have To Get Before You Stop Being A Silent "Moderate"?

For Fr. Simon Lobo, it was his sister's arrest at Carleton University that prompted him to stop being a moderate and to speak up against the injustices that take place on Canadian soil and against all the silence and inaction that make these injustices possible:
“This is where we've come as a society,” Fr. Lobo told his parishioners at St. Maurice Parish. “As Canadians we pride ourselves on being so tolerant, and yet it seems the tolerance only goes in one direction – and it's not in favour of life, and it's not in favour of Catholicism at all."
“I can’t be a moderate pro-lifer any longer,” he said. “It’s become something that’s drawing the line in the sand for a lot of people.”

It would be easy to blame the university, the police, or “those who promote a radically liberal agenda” for the arrests, he said in the homily, "but you and I are part of the problem, because we have put up with too much for too long.”

Fr. Lobo noted that Canadians' tax dollars have fully funded abortion for decades, as well as academic institutions such as Carleton. He also noted that municipal tax dollars pay for the police, who were called in to arrest the students.

"On an annual basis, I would suggest that as a parish ... – indirectly – we give more money to support abortions and the pro-choice cause then we give to donate to support women in crisis pregnancies and the pro-life movement,” he said. “Does that bother you?”
The latter too is a good point. What do you think is a better option - to pay income tax, knowing that some of the funds will go towards funding abortions and pro-abortion groups in Canada and worldwide or to donate to the local Right to Life chapter and get about half the amount back in tax breaks? By the way, political contributions of up to $400 are eligible to 75% tax credit. What makes more sense - to contribute $400 to Canada's only pro-life, pro-family political party at only $100 out of pocket expense or to keep the $100, let the government pocket the other $300 and doing nothing until it's your own relative that gets arrested for telling the truth?
Fr. Lobo called the graphic images of abortion used in GAP, which are often seen as controversial, “disgusting.”

“But they're also true and accurate. Abortion is disgusting,” he added.
You can listen to Fr. Simon Lobo’s homily here. It reminds me of the Lev Tolstoy's famous article against death penalty, written back in 1908. Well, it's been over 100 years. Murders and villains no longer face death penalty. But it's still rampant in the world, targeting the most innocent people of all - the unborn babies.

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