Saturday, October 30, 2010

Roxanne's Law — How About A Choice To Keep The Baby?

Rod Bruinooge Explains Roxanne's Law:
Since tabling Roxanne's law in early 2010, I've really been touched by all the stories that I've received from all across from women who have been threatened and coerced into ending their pregnancies.
Rod Bruinooge
(From Roxanne's Law on Vimeo)
Roxanne's Law (bill C-510) does not affect the legal status of abortion. It will merely give women the opportunity to press charges against those who use threats and coercion (let alone - violence) against them, trying to pressure them to abort their babies.

Bill C-510 will have its first hour of debate on Monday, November 1st. So far, the odds don't look good, because those who call unrestricted abortion throughout all 9 months of pregnancy a "choice", fiercely oppose any moves to protect women's choice to carry their babies to term. And there are others, including the Prime Minister himself, who are afraid to touch the abortion issue. They would rather let the sleeping dog lie - even if that means knocking the proverbial dog unconscious.

But things can change if there are enough people willing to demand change. ARPA has a sample letter about bill C-510 to send a note to your MP. Also please consider writing to Stephen Harper; just to let him know that after breaking so many campaign promises, his attempt to stick to his old promise not to allow abortion debate, is at best pathetic.

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