Saturday, October 2, 2010

What's Next? An Arrest Warrant For The Pope?

A US judge wants to subpoena the Pope:
The request is an incremental — and long shot — step in a lawsuit that accuses the officials of conspiring to keep the allegations against a Milwaukee priest quiet. The Vatican is not obliged to comply with the request.

Under similar circumstances, the Vatican has made service difficult, time consuming and expensive by insisting, for example, that documentation be translated into Latin, one of the Vatican's official languages.
I guess their next step would be to sending a police van to Vatican, to arrest the Holy Father. And, obviously, there are many people out there who are eager to see that happening. But here's something to think about: would they be that vigorous if this was a high-profile Muslim cleric being accused in covering up sexual abuse? Would they dare to demand the Saudian embassy to serve him with the court papers? Would they even dare to talk about the abuse if there was a Muslim cleric involved? Of course those are rhetorical questions. Those who badmouth the Pope, who want him to be held responsible for the acts of abuse, committed by a handful of priests, those who want him arrested and persecuted, know that they risk nothing.

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