Monday, November 15, 2010

Death Threats For A Letter Condemning Abortion

Some pro-aborts must be really insecure about their chances to defend their position in an open debate:
DEN BOSCH, Netherlands, November 15, 2010 ( - Pro-life journalist Mariska Orbán de Haas says that she has received hundreds of death threats and more than ten threats of torture following the publication of an open letter she wrote to a pro-abortion parliamentarian asking her to reconsider her position on the subject.
After Hennis-Plasschaert called the letter from the bishop "disgusting," Orbán wrote to her publicly, pointing out that both she and Hennis-Plasschaert have experienced the suffering of miscarriages, and that the fetal model she received from Bishop De Jong would resemble their lost children at the time of their deaths.

"In that light," asked Orbán, "is it not 'disgusting' that our society permits us to abort more than thirty thousand babies in the Netherlands every year?" She noted that children who die by abortion are "exactly the same as the mysterious little lives that we expectantly carried within us."

The letter, published on October 27, sparked outrage in the largely liberal, pro-abortion Netherlands. Orbán soon offered a public apology, but that has not prevented her from receiving an avalanche of angry responses. French journalist Jeanne Smits reports that the letter has generated 350,000 tweets on Twitter, and various sites have created distorted pictures of her face, portraying her as a devil.
Public apology for what? For telling the truth? For exercising one's fundamental right to free speech? And, as we can see, that didn't help. (It never does.) For the pro-aborts, anything that makes abortion look bad is a heresy which must be eradicated at all costs. The few moderates who actually believe in choice and agree with pro-life movement on things like informed consent, are a vanishing minority.

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