Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Global Warming Hoax Stinks

Literally. The UK Guardian discusses cutting down on daily showering "for the planet's sake". Instead of spending precious water - just use baby wipes to freshen up... They must be forgetting their own country's history:
The Minister of Fuel and Power, Hugh Gaitskell, later Attlee's successor as leader of the Labour Party, advocated saving energy by taking fewer baths: "Personally, I have never had a great many baths myself, and I can assure those who are in the habit of having a great many that it does not make a great difference to their health if they have less."

This was too much for Churchill, a renowned bather: "When Ministers of the Crown speak like this on behalf of HM Government, the Prime Minister and his friends have no need to wonder why they are getting increasingly into bad odour. I have even asked myself, when meditating upon these points, whether you, Mr. Spekaer, would admit the word 'lousy' as a Parliamentary expression in referring to the Administration, provided, of course, it was not intended in a contemptuous sense but purely as one of factual narration."

— House of Commons, 28 October 1947
Well said. Except that modern-day warm-mongers will probably demand that they be referred to as "alternatively-odored". And, obviously, we'll see a massive "anti-discrimination" campaign with plenty of "human rights" complaints against employers and property owners that dare to insist on basic standards of personal hygiene.

Oh well, if there are already as many as 826 evil consequences of "global warming", then I guess, having to encounter dirty, sweaty and smelly warm-mongers in stores, malls, offices or any other crowded places, might as well be the 827th. Maybe that way, people will realize that being a "denier" makes a lot more sense...

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