Wednesday, November 3, 2010

NB Pro-Aborts Turn To "Human Rights" Commission Over Abortion Funding

They still have a court case in the works, but that apparently takes way too long. So they file a "human rights" complaint against the government which refuses to pay for abortions on demand, performed in private "clinics".

Yes, they believe that not funding an elective injurious procedure, performed in a private facility constitutes a human rights violation. Plus they probably know that in the "human rights" tribunal, it's not the truth that matters, but hurt feelings and the complainer's status as a member of a designated victim group. Not to mention that with the "human rights" complaint they get all their legal expenses paid - something you don't get with an ordinary law suit. So they'll be demanding the government to give them what they want - at government's own expense. (Or - at taxpayers' expense to be precise.)

Fortunately we have many strong pro-lifers in the Legislature, so we can look forward for the government to keep on fighting. And, hopefully, once they've been through a "human rights" complaint they'll realize that these Orwellian institutions just can't be reformed; that there's no way something sensible could ever be made of them and that the best way to address "human rights" issues - is through the court of law. Where the truth is the defense, where the standard rules of evidence apply, where one's right to a fair trial is respected and where the presumption is - innocent until proven guilty and not the other way around.

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