Friday, November 12, 2010

Remembrance Day — The Islamist Way

While some useful idiots were handing out white poppies and planning to desecrate the National War Memorial, their multicultural friends took anti-military protests to a whole new level:
But three miles across London from the Armistice Day ceremony at the Cenotaph, another face of Britain was on display. It was contorted with hatred, poisoned by politics, and fuelled by flames from a giant, burning poppy.

These were the Muslim extremists who brought shame to the memory of the dead yesterday by breaking the traditional two-minute silence with chants of ‘British soldiers burn in hell’.

Ironically, it was the freedom for which thousands fought that allowed them to stage their demonstration at the stroke of 11am – the exact moment the nation came to a halt at the Cenotaph, across the country, and after parallel services at British bases in Afghanistan.
Not to mention that it was the freedom for which thousands fought, that made the UK (or Canada or the US or any other nation of the free world,) the great prosperous nation it is now. None of those jihadis would ever consider immigrating to the UK, if it was a poverty-ridden, tyranny and corruption-driven wasteland like their home country. If anything - they'd be the first to run off to any remaining decent nation, where their civil rights, personal freedoms and social assistance checks could be guaranteed. To say that while living off someone else's generosity, these folks tend to act like the very animal they don't eat would be an insult to that particular animal.

If the UK had anything that even remotely resembled a responsible national government, these poppy-burning jihadi thugs would be already on the planes, back to their countries - without their ill-gotten British passports. It would be obvious that if someone who came as a refugee from an oppressive Islamic regime, demands the same "sharia" regime to be established in his adopted country - that, at the very least, is an immigration fraud. Ditto if he takes a citizenship oath without really meaning it. It would be common sense to demand that these people either renounce their medievalist ideology and assimilate or just go back to one of the countries where "sharia" is already the law of the land. Too bad that a responsible national government is apparently way too much to ask for nowadays.

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