Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tea Party Success — Hope To Us All

Their electoral success has been acknowledged even in the UK. Some UK observers now believe that only the Tea Party can save them from the creeping nanny state. And, as Craig Carter comments on The Politics of the Cross Resurrected blog, we too can learn something from our neighbors to the south:
Our ancestors fought and died to preserve Western freedom against the hard totalitarianism of the fascist and communist regimes of the mid twentieth century. But now we, their decadent children, are in mortal danger of surrendering to the soft totalitarianism of the nanny state. But this is to narrowly avoid Animal Farm only to fall into Brave New World.
In fact, we've already seen a Tea Party-like victory, in a city that is considered to be a Liberal stronghold. Yes, I know that Rob Ford did not associate himself directly with the US Tea Party movement, but he used some of their tactics - and won. Let this be an inspiration to the Conservative movement from coast to coast.

And let this also be a lesson to the Federal Conservatives, whose choice is obvious: They can become more like the Tea Party movement - and finally break out of the statistical deadlock with the Liberals. Or they can keep pandering to the left, demoralizing their own voting base - and suffer a crushing defeat in the next election.


The Rational Number said...

I think you have a good point, and I agree - the Conservative Party of Canada should be more like the TEA Party in the USA.

BLOGMAIL said...

The Tea Party is not done.

We have to save Christmas.

Obama The Grinch Steals Christmas In Tea Party Picture Book but the Tea Party is trying to save Christmas in time.

Read the book it will have you laughing.

"The Liberal Clause"