Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Atheists or Christophobes? Again, The Answer Is Obvious

Why would someone bother spending money on ad campaign to denounce something he doesn't believe in? Would anyone who doesn't believe in Santa bother paying for "there's no Santa" ads? Would a group of skeptics pitch in to finance an ad campaign against magic - just to spite Harry Potter fans? For someone who doesn't believe in any form of supernatural being, those beliefs should be all alike. And yet many of those who regard themselves as atheists, seem to be excessively troubled with Christianity:
It’s Christmas time, and that can only mean one thing. A group of atheists and secular humanists are trying once again to place ads on the sides of city buses explaining that God is a myth, religion is pointless, and UFOs and Jesus have equal credibility.
That they occasionally mention Yahweh or Allah is little more than window-dressing; it is Christ, Christianity and the Christian God they are opposed to. Of course they are; Christianity is what mummy and daddy believed, and so it must be wrong and it must be cool to be nasty about it.
And here's another essay, posted on the American Power blog, which exposes the secular religion of radical progressivism:
Rhetorically they are secularists and avatars of tolerance, but in fact they are religious fanatics who regard their opponents as sinners and miscreants and agents of civil darkness. Therefore, when they engage an opponent it is rarely to examine and refute his argument but rather to destroy the bearer of the argument and remove him from the plain of battle.
As it turns out, those secular fanatics can even go as far as praying for a politician they hate to have a heart attack. That shows what kind of secularists and atheists they are, doesn't it?

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