Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pro-Abort Jackboots (aka Toronto Police) Arrest Pro-Lifer, Seize Camera, Delete Videos

Looks like that arrest at Carleton University has taught them a valuable lesson - always destroy the evidence:
TORONTO, Ontario, December 23, 2010 ( - Pro-life witness Mary Wagner was arrested again by Toronto police this morning as she spoke to women waiting to obtain abortions. One of the officers seized a reporter’s video camera, deleted its contents, and refused to identify himself.

When Wagner arrived at the Bloor West Village Women’s Clinic at 8:30 this morning, she entered the facility’s waiting room and began encouraging women to keep their babies.

She handed out crystal angel ornaments with a card reading, “When you take off the wrapping, you will see a little gift…when you give birth to your child, you will see a priceless treasure.”
After Wagner had been dragged to the police car, a male officer seized Golob’s camera.

“He grabbed the camera out of my hands and proceeded to delete all my videos,” she said. “Becoming immensely infuriated I demanded to know what his badge number was, to which he replied by storming away without acknowledging my existence, other than to hand me back my empty camera.”
There was once such thing as honor, including the honor of the uniform one wore - not anymore. At least, that concept is foreign to the Toronto police force. See for yourself how low they went just to prevent an innocent young girl from sharing the message of life.

Well, that's Toronto police for you. They can't protect you from being robbed in broad daylight, they won't bother to uphold the rule of law during protests (if they try, they end up disgracing themselves even further,) but when it comes to protecting abortion clinics from a young girl who hands out comfort cards to women that are about to lose their babies, you can be sure that Toronto police will be there in full force. Heck, it's their opportunity to finally show themselves heroes - you think they'd miss it? I can only wonder how come none of those brave men wanted their pretty faces to be caught on camera...

Note to Torontonians - next time you have a prayer vigil at the abortion mill, make sure you invite a few "bullyish"-looking middle-school kids to guard your vigil. That will keep those cops at a nice distance...

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