Sunday, December 5, 2010

Silencing Pro-Life Students — New Threats By Carleton U

Just like the University of Calgary, Carleton University trying to accuse outspoken pro-life student of "academic misconduct".
The University subsequently sent the students’ club, Carleton Lifeline, correspondence threatening them with arrest and disciplinary action. They said these could be consequences if the students did not comply with a strict set of rules which only applied to them; these provisions surround a designated zone created for Lifeline where few students travel in the winter, where they are not able to offer pamphlets or initiate conversations with students, and not being permitted to move if protestors block the signs.

“This act of ‘compromise’ on the part of the University is nothing more than an intimidation tactic limiting our expression on campus,” said club president Ruth Lobo, a Human Rights Major. “The definition of discrimination is differential treatment and that is what Lifeline is receiving.”

The university is no stranger to graphic images. In the past month, Holocaust imagery was displayed as part of an Awareness Campaign. Further, Animal Rights activists have also been seen on campus multiple times erecting large, graphic displays in the busiest parts of campus showing slaughtered animals with slogans such as “SHAME ON YOU.” Neither of these events were surrounded by warning signs or held in ‘restricted’ areas.

These campaigns did not result in non-academic misconduct threats or arrest-threats like the anti-abortion signs did.
Meanwhile, the student association, that has revoked Carleton Lifeline's official club status, now tries to block Carleton Lifeline Legal Counsel from representing the group at internal appeal meeting. If that doesn't show the true nature of all those "student bodies" to which students are forced to belong, then I don't know what does.

Check out the videos of the "choice?" chain; see for yourself what kind of arguments the other side can come up with.

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