Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Abby Johnson’s Pro-Life Conversion In Her Own Words

Her book, titled "Unplanned", was released yesterday:
What if?

I had believed a lie! I had blindly promoted the “company line” for so long. Why? Why hadn’t I searched out the truth for myself? Why had I closed my ears to the arguments I’d heard? Oh, dear God, what had I done?

My hand was still on the patient’s belly, and I had the sense that I had just taken something away from her with that hand. I’d robbed her. And my hand started to hurt — I felt an actual physical pain. And right there, standing beside the table, my hand on the weeping woman’s belly, this thought came from deep within me:

Never again! Never again.
First chapter of the book has been published at Life Site News website. As LSN reports, Abby Johnson disclosed that she herself has undergone two abortions, which she describes as traumatic.

The webcast featuring Abby's book is available online. Follow the link to listen to Abby's testimony and don't forget to check out this commentary by Steve G from SoCon or Bust:
Abby also specified that there’s no room for anger and hatred on the sidewalk in front of an abortuary. There’s enough anger and hatred in the clinic, she says. What we need is a merciful and compassionate witness. Therein lies the key to converting expecting moms, workers at these clinics and unsuspecting passers-by who might get zapped by the grace of God.

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