Friday, January 21, 2011

Ask Them What They Mean By Saying "Choice"

Obviously, they'll insist that they don't really mean this: Or this.
Choice. It is a great slogan to use for marketing or for politics because everyone supports having one. No one wants to be accused of being anti-choice.

It’s no surprise, then, that to justify legal abortion, abortion advocates have used the word as their mantra. They argue that abortion is a personal decision that women make about their bodies, and that we should not take away that choice. Yet when examining these arguments, it’s clear that they’ve made important assumptions that need to be explained.
Now abortion advocates may say abortion deals with a personal decision a woman makes about her body, and therefore it should be a private choice.
And so, abortion advocates need to prove the unborn child is part of the woman’s body and not simply assume it.
Which, of course, is something they'll never be able to do. Facts are stubborn things: A new body forms at conception; since that very moment, the baby has his own unique DNA. Heart starts beating in less than three weeks - whose heart is it? Take a look at this footprint - whose foot is it? Here's what a baby looks like when most abortions take place. At that stage, nobody could credibly argue that a preborn baby is a part of the mother's body. Neither could one argue that the baby uses his mother's body unjustly. So, why turning this baby into this is commonly referred to as "choice"?

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Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Entire generations are sacrificed for political opinions. People should exist but don't because of selfishness.
Maybe that's what they really mean.