Friday, January 14, 2011

Planned Parenthood's Unplanned Pro-Life Advocate

Great review of Abby Johnson’s book, UnPlanned, by Jill Stanek:
I, like everyone else who has opened Abby Johnson's new book, "UnPlanned," couldn't put it down.

The true account of Abby's dramatic journey from Planned Parenthood abortion clinic director (Employee of the Year even) to pro-life activist in the span of a week was mesmerizing.

Long story short: Abby's traumatic participation in an ultrasound-guided abortion solidified a conversion that had begun forming when her bosses ordered her to increase profits by increasing abortions.

Abby's book contains several insights, but what I gained most from reading "UnPlanned" was a better understanding of the abortion worker's mind.
This is major reason I think Abby's book is a game-changer. Abby is a bridge. Abortionists, clinic owners and staff have come into our movement before, but Abby speaks to a new generation – on both sides.
My suggestion - make sure you order the book while there are still some copies left in stock.

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Anonymous said...

She is a great story of redemption