Sunday, January 9, 2011

Seeing The World Around You - Before Birth

Apparently there might be enough light in the womb for the baby to start learning to see before he's even born:
The New Scientist:
A FETUS might learn to see before it is born. So much light penetrates a pregnant woman's tummy that her fetus may develop vision in the final two months of pregnancy.
In bright sunlight, a fetus could receive light equivalent to that found in a typically lit house.
So it's not impossible that under the glare of hospital lights, a late-term fetus may actually see the long needle that the doctor injects into his heart to kill him.
First there was that video of a 13-week unborn baby trying to escape the needle. Now it might turn out that at later stages of pregnancy, the baby can even see the needle that kills him. Those who claim that preborn babies "lack self-consciousness entirely" and "have no interest in living", have once again been proven wrong.

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