Thursday, January 6, 2011

That R-Word Again

Perversions come in different kinds. Engaging in constant self-flagellation over alleged "racism" and imaginary "advantages" is one of them. In response, the author of the Scary Fundamentalist blog has posted his Confessions of an Unrepentant Racist:
1. I am a racist, because I insist that any government of the people must treat its citizens according to the Rule of Law - that is, without consideration for race.

2. I am a racist, because I believe that merit should be the only standard for entry into public office, public employment, or public learning institutions.

3. I am a racist, because I believe that all people, regardless of race, have an equal right to decide how to dispense of their own property.
13. I am a racist, because I believe that all crimes are motivated by hate.
There are a few more in the comments. And then came the guy who had praised the self-flagellation essay on his blog (apparently, he's not a bleeding-heart masochist, but one of those who believe that the society is indebted to him if he happens to be a member of a designated victim group,) and left his own comment which could be summarized as follows:
Racist: The assumption that all people, regardless of race, are just as capable of getting to where I am without help.

Not racist: The assumption that members of particular races require assistance to achieve similar success to unassisted members of other races.
Judge for yourself who is the racist here.

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Anonymous said...

Just a correction - the author of the Crommunist blog isn't a masochist - he isn't white.

He did clarify his stance on the questionable value of personal self-mutilation for "white guilt", and I must point out that he is more amenable than most of his ideological brethren to a civil debate.

Still mind-numbingly wrong, but a good whetstone nonetheless.