Sunday, February 6, 2011

1,000,000 Rosaries For Unborn Babies

Ready to accept the challenge?
On May 6th, 2011 a 3-day spiritual battle begins for an end to the surgical and non-surgical killing of unborn human persons. It is anticipated that people from various places throughout the world will be praying the Rosary for this intention. (Last year, people from more than 40 nations registered for the ONE MILLION ROSARIES FOR UNBORN BABIES, though the goal of one million Rosaries was not met.)
A rosary takes about 15-20 minutes. All that's needed is for ~110,000 people to dedicate an hour a day to pray for the unborn. And another thing: the National March for Life in Ottawa will take place less than a week later - on May 12, 2011. The theme for this year's March is abortion kills a human being.

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