Monday, February 21, 2011

Breaking: Court Ordered Euthanasia Stayed

Baby Joseph Maraachli may be given another chance:
LONDON, Ontario, February 17, 2011 ( - One-year-old Joseph Maraachli of Windsor, Ontario, who was to have his life support removed Monday at 10 am. against his parents’ wishes, will now not die on the day that Ontario residents celebrate as Family Day. A hustle by pro-life and anti-euthanasia groups resulted in a change in legal counsel, which has led to at least a temporary stay of removal of the child’s ventilator.

Alex Schadenberg, head of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition, informed LifeSiteNews Sunday evening that negotiations are underway to transfer Joseph to a hospital in Michigan.
Yes, baby Joseph has a terminal condition. That however is still not the reason to treat him as a write-off that better be killed so that his bed could be used by someone else. It's a shame that some of our hospitals have adopted such a contemptuous attitude towards human life. And it's a shame that the baby has to be taken out of country, just so he could... stay alive for whatever few months he has left.

To join a Facebook page in support of the parents of Joseph Maraachli, click here.

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