Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crisis Pregnancy Center Success Story: 4 Babies Saved In One Week

Just a beautiful story:
TORONTO, Ontario, February 24, 2011 ( – The dedicated staff at the Toronto-based crisis pregnancy center, Aid to Women, experienced a successful week this week after three women going to the nearby abortion facility (one who was pregnant with twins) experienced a change of heart after conversing with Aid to Women staff.

One woman, after discovering from the abortionist that she was pregnant with twins, left the abortion facility crying, telling Aid to Women workers, “I couldn’t do it.”

Aid to Women is a Christian, volunteer-based charity, located in the immediate vicinity of Cabbagetown Women’s abortion facility in Toronto. Since 1984, they have reached out with love and compassion, encouraging and supporting pregnant mothers in all their needs.
Crisis pregnancy centers change hearts and save lives. No wonder the pro-aborts are so eager to shut them down.

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