Thursday, March 24, 2011

Call To Action For New Brunswick Christian Business Owner

ChristianGovernance Report – March 18, 2011:
A Christian business owner in New Brunswick needs your support. She has become the latest victim of the homosexualist agenda. From the brief glimpse we have into her testimony due to the incident that has thrust her into the spotlight, she appears to be a God-fearing, hard-working business owner. She is a florist who refused to provide her services to the fake marriage ceremony of two lesbians. Initial reports do not indicate the filing of any human rights complaints against her, though it will be a striking anomaly if this does not happen. Christians in similar situations have been the recipients of hate, malicious attacks, intimidation and loss of business. Click here and here for two such examples. As the article below indicates, homosexualists are planning a protest for Saturday (tomorrow). They won’t let this incident die; it’s too much to expect such tolerance from Canada’s politically enabled homosexualist movement.
The Moncton homosexual community was quick to organize a "peaceful" protest to harass Kim Evans of Petals and Promises Wedding Flowers at her own home. The CBC, as it always does, sided with the anti-family crowd, depicting the perverse couple as victims of a narrow-minded bigoted Christian fanatic and failing to disclose the fact that M. B. Leduc who blew this story out of proportion is a little more than just an event planner. Yet, there were still a few courageous Christians that came to support Kim Evans in this hour of hardship. Please consider joining them.

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