Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Coalition" - It's Not The Name That Matters

Ezra Levant explains why Ignatieff's pledge not to form a coalition with the NDP and the Bloc should not be trusted:
Because even if Ignatieff loses the election (as early polls suggest), he doesn’t need a coalition to seize power. He can do what the Liberals and NDP did immediately after the 1985 provincial election in Ontario: Just grab power with an immediate non-confidence vote. No coalition needed, to hell with the voters.
They didn’t make a formal coalition. A coalition is a specific deal where cabinet seats are divided up and more than one party becomes an integral part of the government.

The Liberals and NDP just agreed that, as soon as Ontario’s legislature met, they’d join forces to vote non-confidence in the Conservatives and propose the Liberals should rule with the NDP’s support.
It’s clearly what Ignatieff — with his lieutenant, the same Bob Rae — is plotting to do again. On the first day of the campaign, Ignatieff had a disastrous press scrum where he repeatedly refused to rule out forming a coalition.

Even the left-leaning Toronto Star and CBC weren’t buying Ignatieff’s painful ambiguity on the subject.
Coalition or no coalition? That’s a lawyer’s trick; it’s a diversion. The real question is whether Ignatieff and the other parties will immediately vote non-confidence in a Tory minority right after an election. What that deal is called is not the issue.
That's why I hope we finally get a Conservative majority. Not to mention that it's about time for the Conservatives to be given an opportunity to be Conservatives, to be able to lead the country in the right direction without having to appease the opposition every time there's a confidence vote. Canada has already paid dearly for those 10-11 seats the government was lacking. It's time to give them the opportunity to repair the damage.

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