Thursday, April 21, 2011

Campaign Life Candidate Evaluations

Advance voting begins tomorrow, so if you still haven't found out who is who in your riding - check out this resource. Too bad however that in many ridings, the choice is between three (or more) staunchly pro-abortion, anti family candidates from the left and an "unknown" Conservative who wasn't allowed to respond to the CLC questionnaire. Unless he is an incumbent who has a strong pro-life, pro-family voting record, we're offered a mere lesser evil.

Still, I'm not ready to cast a protest vote. I know that many wouldn't approve of my choice, yet let's not forget: There is a political party that decided not to proceed with the inquiry on whether New Brunswick abortion funding policy violates the Canada Health Act and there's another party that had launched that inquiry in the first place. There is a political party that managed to pass a resolution in support of the Unborn Victims of Crime Act at its policy convention and there's another one whose leader once proposed to enshrine abortion in the Charter. The party that succeeded to remove at least some of the abortion funding from the maternal health aid package versus the party that responded with the motion condemning the abortion funding cuts and denied its MPs to vote their conscience...

Well, you got the idea. We can't have a perfect, right of centre pro-life pro-family government, I know that. Maybe next election. For now, the choice is between the government that may take baby steps in the right direction and the coalition of the three left-wing parties that will only make things worse. I chose the former.

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