Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Failure Of Multiculturalism And How To Turn The Tide

Speech by Geert Wilders in Rome, on March 25th, 2011:
As Westerners, we share the same Judeo-Christian culture. I am from the Netherlands and you are from Italy. Our national cultures are branches of the same tree. We do not belong to multiple cultures, but to different branches of one single culture. This is why when we come to Rome, we all come home in a sense. We belong here, as we also belong in Athens and in Jerusalem.

It is important that we know where our roots are. If we lose them we become deracinated. We become men and women without a culture.

I am here today to talk about multiculturalism. This term has a number of different meanings. I use the term to refer to a specific political ideology. It advocates that all cultures are equal. If they are equal it follows that the state is not allowed to promote any specific cultural values as central and dominant. In other words: multiculturalism holds that the state should not promote a leitkultur, which immigrants have to accept if they want to live in our midst.

It is this ideology of cultural relativism which the German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently referred to when she said that multiculturalism has proved “an absolute failure.”
Howard Rotberg from Canada Free Press is not as optimistic as Geert Wilders. He reminds us that failure to tell right from wrong could lead to the collapse of the Western Civilization. And he is right.


Anonymous said...

The international media has gone out of their way to vilify him.

Leonard said...

To semi-anonymous commenter (aka "dizzy") who keeps trolling this blog with copy-pasted comments, calling Geert Wilders names.

1) No, I'm not going to approve your comment and I'm not going to let you link to those articles that bash Geert Wilders on my blog. Please stop trying.

2) I believe in freedom of religion and freedom of association. Which include our freedom to practice religion other than Islam and to embrace other ideas beside multiculturalism.

3) In your comment you kept calling Geert Wilders a "European supremacist" and a "hate-monger" - somehow I believe it's better to be a "hate monger" than a "dhimmi".

So stop your name calling; nobody on this blog cares.