Tuesday, April 5, 2011

NB Cuts Taxpayer Funding To Provincial SOW Branch

Finally, we have a provincial government with the right set of priorities. Not only did they manage to slash the deficit more than in half without raising income taxes or the HST, but also they had the courage to cut taxpayer funding to advocacy groups, including the so called "advisory council on the status of women":
Premier Alward says the government would rather spend the funds on direct services than advocacy. He has also maintained that the council could continue operating with private funding, noting that most organizations in the province are not taxpayer-funded.

But Rosella Melanson, the council’s executive director, has complained that it would be difficult to raise funds.

Interim Liberal leader Victor Boudreau complained that by cutting the funding the government is “essentially muzzling every woman in the province of New Brunswick.”

But Landolt said these feminist advisory councils advocate radical views that most women would never support. “They represent nothing and their resolutions are irrelevant because they reflect no one but the personal views of the people sitting on the council,” she said.

She said they perpetuate the idea that women are “victims needing special care and treatment.” “Times have changed. Women on the whole are very competent and capable,” she explained. “Over 60% of university graduates are women. We’re quite capable of making our own minds.”
There's absolutely no reason why the government should fund advocacy groups. Especially when the government is forced to decimate its capital budget and delay much needed tax reductions in order to bring the deficit under control. Those complaining about the government "muzzling women" better look at pro-life organizations that operate quite successfully even without public funding and learn from their example.

And another thing - if New Brunswick government is forced to spend hefty sums of taxpayers' money on legal defense against the Morgentaler's abortion mill and its ridiculous demands for public funds, it would only be fair if an advocacy group that openly sides with the abortion industry, is also forced to foot the bill.

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