Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Five Signs The Pro-Life Cause Is Winning

Even if there's still a long way to go, there are clear signs that the tide is turning:
1) Public Opinion

A majority of Americans surveyed in a recent Rasmussen poll, including a large percentage of those who identified themselves “pro-choice,” said they believe abortion is “morally wrong most of the time.” Last year, for the third consecutive time, Gallup found that more Americans accept the pro-life label, a result that led the polling firm to acknowledge “a real change in public opinion.”

One reason for this shift is the high-tech ultrasound machine that reaffirms what embryology textbooks have told us all along—that the unborn child is truly a human being. In a recent Washington Post editorial, Frances Kissling, former President of Catholics for Choice, advised abortion-rights advocates to shift strategies: “We can no longer pretend the fetus is invisible.” Yet few pro-choice activists seem to be listening to Kissling’s advice. They continue to cast themselves as the defenders of “women’s reproductive rights.” This worn-out strategy fails to resonate with a large number of Americans because it ignores the point of tension. The debate has moved on from “reproductive rights” to the more perplexing question: “What are the unborn?”
Here in Canada, the abortion debate is gaining momentum, whether the pro-aborts like it or not. The discontent with the current legal vacuum on abortion is growing and so is the grassroots effort to challenge the status quo. So, no matter how hard Harper tries to keep away from the abortion debate, he won't be able to block the debate on numerous pro-life wedge issues that could become the starting point towards bringing down abortion.

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