Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gibbons Case Headed To Supreme Court

(While we were preoccupied with the election campaign...)

Linda Gibbons, a peaceful pro-life witness, who has been arrested more than 20 times for ignoring the "temporary" (17 year old) "bubble zone" injunction and who has spent almost 2.5 years in jail since her last arrest - for the very same crime, will have her case going all the way to the Supreme court.
The Supreme Court will consider the question of whether the Crown can use the criminal courts to enforce orders emanating from civil or family proceedings. Gibbons’s lawyer Daniel Santoro expects the Supreme Court to hear the case this Fall. Santoro told the Catholic Register that, “if we’re right, it won’t be possible (to charge Gibbons or others) anymore.”
Will the Supreme court be eager to address the injustice or would they rather let the sleeping dog lie? We shall wait and see. But hopefully, they'll make the right decision and remind the law enforcement that they better learn to distinguish between a group of aggressive hoodlums with stones, metal rods, knives and cans of spray paint and peaceful witnesses with nothing but rosaries or brochures or plastic fetus dolls in hand.

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