Thursday, May 19, 2011

New Brunswick March for Life 2011

This year, we held our March a week after the National March for Life, so that people could attend both. There were about 300 of us - a typical turnout for the NB March (and, as Julie Culshaw noted - about 3 times the crowd they have in Halifax.) Our theme this year was: "A Child's First Right: Life."

The Legislature wasn't in session and most MLAs weren't even in Fredericton, so none of those who wanted to attend the March could be there; still 11 MLAs sent their messages of support. Thanks to the lack of politicians the rally at the Legislature was shorter, but no less informative. Our keynote speaker was Julie Culshaw, the organizer of the 40 Days for Life vigil in Halifax.

There were some encouraging news: the number of hospital abortions went down; there were 117 less of them in the past year. And the opposition to hospital abortions in Bathurst is growing. Hopefully the Chaleur hospital once again becomes a place that saves lives, not takes them away. Yet there's still a long way to go; there are still babies that perish in the hospitals in Moncton and Bathurst and in the abortion mill in Fredericton. Overall, about 27,000 New Brunswick babies have died since abortion became legal in 1969.

And this time we also had some special guests from the National Film Board. They were among those taking videos and they actually took their time to interview a few of us after the March. I saw them interviewing Julie Culshaw and then they interviewed... yours truly. We didn't have that much time, but at least I managed to give them some information from the pro-life prospective. The young girl who interviewed me said she had never heard about the link between abortion and breast cancer before. Well, hopefully she takes some time to look into it, because that's something women are never told by the proponents of the murderous "choice".

And hopefully, at least this time we can look forward for a decent coverage. It was sure encouraging that (unlike that G&M journalist last year) the NFB crew actually took their time to interview a few of us in the pro-life camp, so at least they have more information about the pro-life movement than those who keep clinging to their "anti-choice" cliche. So, while it's obvious that we're not going to get a Life Site News- style documentary, I believe that at least we can count on them not to resort to the usual tricks employed by the mainstream media, be that downplaying our numbers, ignoring our arguments or taking our words out of context.

Here are a few videos of the March for Life by oldmaison333:

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great coverage, Leonard, thanks for doing this.