Sunday, June 26, 2011

CBC Monopoly On Canada Day

Canada Day (previously known as Dominion Day) belongs to all Canadians. Yet not all Canadian TV stations are allowed to broadcast Canada Day noon show on Parliament Hill. In fact, there's only one TV station that has exclusive rights to broadcast the celebrations on TV. That station is... that's right - it's the CBC.

And if you think that they won their monopoly in an open bidding process - check out this video. Ezra Levant reveals every detail of what turns out to be a secretive rigged friend-to-friend deal between the CBC and their best friend, who happens to be the Minister of Canadian Heritage, James Moore.

Here's more about James Moore. It turns out the CBC is so excited about how well they've trained him, that one of their executives even twitted a mock appeal to the government, asking if "they can keep him". I guess, it's time for us, the taxpayers, to express our outrage to the Prime Minister, demanding that this CBC lapdog be moved to the backbenches.

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