Sunday, June 19, 2011

How About Declaring Canada A Mission Territory?

From Life Site News:
“Sixty-five years ago, the archbishop of Paris surprised the Church with his pastoral letter ‘France: Mission Country?’ As the years have gone by, that question has become an affirmation. And it is valid not only for France. All of the West is mission territory today,” said Archbishop Carmelo Juan Giaquinta in a recent homily published by the Argentinean Catholic news agency AICIA.

“Argentina is also today a mission country. A country, where from night to morning, and without almost anyone joking about it, unions between homosexuals are being equated to marriage according to nature, given by God to men and women, cannot call itself Christian,” said Giaquinta.
How about declaring Canada a mission territory? Considering that Canada was one of the first nations to scrap the true definition of marriage, considering that our officially Catholic schools have plummeted to the point that faithful students actually have to make a stand against their own teachers, it's about time our missionaries concentrate all their efforts to evangelize our fellow countrymen here in Canada.

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