Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let A Conservative Majority Mean A Conservative Majority

A simple message for the Conservative MPs as the Parliament reconvenes tomorrow:
But the Conservatives cannot govern within the status quo. It is time for Stephen Harper to enunciate a positive conservatism that will resonate with a majority of Canadians. The CPC has often tip toed through the tulips of fiscal land, over social policy, throughout the last five years, all the time spending like Pierre Trudeau never dreamed of. Merely defining themselves as something other than the Liberal Party and something very different than the NDP. But what are they?

Are they committed to a vision of Canada that joyfully embraces smaller government, lower taxes, individual freedom and responsibility? Do they really believe that happiness is delivered by individual initiative and within the family unit and not from the state? Ronald Reagan was able to articulate a positive conservatism for Americans that was based on social, fiscal and military policy. Stephen Harper is probably the most purely ideological conservative leader that Canada has ever had. I am not suggesting that he has any hidden agenda; I know that he has not. I am not suggesting that he is prepared to push through a program and ignore the political cost; I know that that is not the case. But the prime minister is right on a lot issues, and, thank God, he is from Alberta, where conservatism has always been an asset and not a liability.

But he is wrong to think that he cannot build a conservative majority by not allowing debate and opening discussion on contentious issues like protection of the unborn, immigration and human rights policy. He did not win this election because he avoided social conservative issues; he won this election in spite of occasionally insulting social conservatives, who voted for him anyway; we know that Jack Layton is a much more dangerous alternative.
Here a few proposals for the Conservative government by "acting as if Prime Minister" Caldwell. So far we know that the government will actually be implementing term limits for Senators. That's a good start, but what about the rest? After all, we voted for a Conservative government, not for a Liberal-lite one.

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