Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Student's Pro-Life Speech Subjected To Intimidated Censorship

Yet another episode in the "old enough to have an abortion, but not mature enough to face it" saga. As always, when pro-aborts see that they're losing the debate, they're trying to prevent the speaker from getting the message out. And, unlike the student union thugs that could only heckle the speaker, their grown-up colleagues had other means available to them:
Nevertheless, upon arriving at the host school for the speech competition, Yolanda and her daughter found the gymnasium nearly empty, where Yolanda says usually the entire school, as well as competitors and parents, would attend. A handful of competitors, parents, and the judges were present for Calise’s speech, but only after her speech, as well as few others, did both younger and older students come.

Yolanda says that Calise’s speech was singled out and boycotted by other schools, with students and their parents being forewarned about its content.
Yolanda told LSN, however, that at least one parent that she knows of received a warning letter about the abortion speech, while no mention was made of other controversial and even gory topics.

“We weren’t informed that one speech was going to be about dolphin slaughter, or that another was about how great Lady Gaga is. This seemed unfair,” she said. “Maybe people can be offered the chance to hear it for themselves and decide if it is offensive or not.”
Here's the video of the speech. See for yourself, if it had to be singled out like that:
So what is so controversial about the speech? If anything, it shows that pro-life arguments are so simple that even a 10 year-old can understand them. But the school officials have their own priorities. They'd rather hear a speech about some TV slut than have their pro-abortion dogmas challenged.

And yes, it's obviously the time to separate school and state. I couldn't agree more. And the article itself couldn't be any more timely.

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