Friday, June 17, 2011

Videos: Pro-Life To The Core

A few videos from the March for Life 2011 Youth video contest.

The runner-up:

And the winner:
And here's an interview with the author, Peter Hayden:
“Most mainstream news networks will not put pro-life videos on their stations, so we must use the internet, where these videos and news items become viewable by everyone. It is getting easier to spread the pro-life message to the world.”

Hayden said he attended this year’s march with 70 other students from his high school from his small town of Barry’s Bay, Ontario. For his involvement in the pro-life movement he credits his father Mark, who “spent time in jail for picketing outside an abortion mill many years ago.”
“Out of the almost 12 million babies born since 1970 in Canada, almost 3 million have been killed by abortion. Everyone under the age of 40 is in a way a survivor of a holocaust, an abortion holocaust that must come to an end.”
They're young. They are pro-life. And they are determined to make a difference.

The pro-aborts can rant as much as they wish, but their time is coming to an end and their cause is on the way out.

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