Saturday, July 9, 2011

Liberal Thought Police - They Believe That They Alone Occupy The Moral High Ground

This essay discusses the situation in the UK, but almost everything that's mentioned there (except for the EU-specific issues,) is also true about Canada.
For the terrible fact is that, until now, such a debate has been impossible because the Left-wing intelligentsia has ruthlessly shut it down.

This is true of a wide range of issues — such as immigration, multiculturalism, man-made global warming, equality and anti-discrimination laws, overseas aid and many more — on which only one viewpoint is permitted.

This has created a hidden iceberg of issues where the views of the people are not only ignored, but scorned as extreme or bigoted — and those who express them are accordingly deemed to be beyond the pale.

The results have been chilling. The equality agenda has deprived people with traditionalist religious views of the freedom to live according to their precepts.

Worse still, adherents of the ‘one view’ agenda lose their ability to tell right from wrong and truth from lies — and so end up justifying their own wrongdoing as a moral act.
The point about the Left-wingers who police and thus control our public debate is this: they believe above all else that they alone occupy the moral high ground.

They thus divide the world into good and bad. Only their own view is to be permitted; any dissent is by definition evil.

So all dissenters are Right-wing, all Right-wingers are evil and all who oppose the liberal consensus are therefore evil Right-wingers who must be damned as beyond the pale.
One result is that language itself has been hijacked. Words such as ‘rights’, ‘justice’, ‘tolerance’, ‘liberal’ and ‘centre ground’ have come to mean their precise opposite.

And argument has been replaced by gratuitous abuse and insults, such as ‘institutionally racist’, ‘homophobic’, ‘fundamentalist’, ‘extremist’ or ‘mad’.
Of course, this absurdity can't last. In the last few years we've seen some positive trends that challenge the left-wing intelligentsia and its monopoly on public opinion. The tide is turning. Hopefully, now, when Sun News Network has arrived, when the real Conservative point of view has reached the air waves (rather than being confined to mere blogs and online columns,) we can look forward for even more noticeable changes.

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