Wednesday, July 20, 2011

"New Canadians" Or Merely Canadian Passport Holders?

We know that for many of them, their Canadian citizenship is nothing but a passport of convenience, which offers visa-free travel and ensures safe evacuation in case something goes wrong in their home country. But some can't even wait the 3 years, which is the residence requirement for Canadian citizenship:
OTTAWA -- Most of the 1,800 people the feds believe obtained their citizenship fraudulently are Canadians of convenience who don't even live here, according to Immigration Minister Jason Kenney.
"Most of these people, we believe, have never really lived in Canada and are still overseas," he said Wednesday. "We frankly have got them dead to rights with the proof that we have, and I don't think a lot of these people want to go through a long, protracted public court battle where it's clear they fraudulently obtained our citizenship."

Immigration officials said the suspects, through the use of crooked consultants who charge thousands of dollars, use fake names or addresses to circumvent the three years required to become a citizen.
Well, at least now the government is finally cracking down on these fake citizens. (All previous governments must have known about the widespread immigration fraud, but preferred to turn a blind eye, to avoid touching such a controversial issue.) And this appears to be just the tip of the iceberg. If anything, as James Bissett, the former director of the Canadian Immigration service suggests, it's surprising that there were just 1800 of them caught.

According to Sun News Network, Canada has only ever revoked 67 citizenships since Confederation. That apparently doesn't include all those who lost their Canadian citizenship between 1947 and 1977 for merely accepting citizenship of another country.

And, if we're at it, it's about time we revoke Canadian citizenship from yet another fake "Canadian", the one who fought alongside the enemy against Canadian troops. It's about time Canada, as a nation, makes it clear that tolerance has its limits and that Canadian citizenship means a little more than mere passport of convenience.

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