Friday, August 19, 2011

Copts Determined To Remove 4,000 Families From Government-Run Catholic Schools

They stand firm in spite of the smear campaign in the media:
News of the Coptics’ warning sparked a vehement media reaction with claims that Fr. Attaalla was “preaching intolerance.”

The Globe and Mail argued in an editorial August 10th that publicly-funded Catholic schools “must abide by the equality principles in the Canadian Constitution – even if they are out-of-step with the church’s own teachings.”

“Students’ welfare and equality rights trump official religious dogma,” they added.

But Toronto lawyer Geoff Cauchi said the Supreme Court of Canada confirmed in 2001 that Catholics’ denominational rights in section 93 of Canada’s Constitution are “absolute.”

“Canada’s self-proclaimed ‘national’ newspaper has sunk to a new low in either journalistic integrity or competence,” he told LifeSiteNews. “If the editor sought legal advice on this topic before writing this editorial, he ought to fire the lawyers. If he did not seek legal advice, the Globe ought to fire the editor for incompetence.”

“Any statute or government edict that would force Catholic schools to teach that homosexual behaviour is ‘moral’ would certainly” violate Catholics’ denominational rights, he added.
Then let's not forget the Section 29 of the Charter which talks about the rights of denominational, separate and dissentient schools. The Charter however says nothing about the government's implied right to shove some perverse ideology down the students' throats - in spite of the parents' objections.

And of course it's worth reminding the Globe and all those who share their opinion that those 4000 children are students too and that their welfare is no less important. Not to mention that their parents happen to be part of that very "public" that sustains this mammoth system of public education and all its corrupt bureaucracy with their tax money.

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