Monday, August 29, 2011

Exploiting Jack Layton's Funeral

No, they have no intention to forget about politics and think of a person, a family man that has died. They need to exploit his death and especially his state funeral for their own political advantage. Check out this great report by Ezra Levant. There are plenty of tough questions, from the very basic question since when do we give state funerals to opposition leaders and all the way to what was said at the funeral and how the media covered it.

Here's a couple more comments on the politicization of Layton's passing and funeral:

Won't fall in line - Mark Bonokoski and Anthony Furey discuss paying due respects, but nothing more, to the passing of Jack Layton.

Orange Overdose - yes, another input by Ezra Levant with the help of Michael Coren. See for yourself just how overboard the media's adoration of Jack Layton has gone. At what point do we say this is not a state funeral, this is a macabre attempt to bring back some political spirit from the dead?...

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