Thursday, August 11, 2011

Green Radicals Advocate Assassinations And Destruction - For The Sake Of Discredited Theory

Yes, global warming alarmism is a discredited theory. Every new day brings more scientific data that confirms just that. And yet, for the eco-fascists, the planet is about to be ruined. Their solution is to dismantle the industrial civilization - by all means possible, including assassinations:
How can an author, or in this particular case a group of authors, advocate the overthrow of the nation state, the targeting of industrial facilities and the assassination of key people and then claim that’s not what they mean?

Well, it will happen tonight on Byline.
Brian Lilley must be commended for his patience. It takes lots of it to spend that much time interviewing a paranoid hate-monger and listening to his ideas of a cosmic magnitude and a cosmic stupidity...

Well, just to take a little break from the eco-fascist and his rant, here's some common sense - Lord Christopher Monckton debates so called "climate change" with Richard Denniss. Judge for yourself if it's worth going back to stone age just to please a bunch of enviro-freaks.


Trestin said...

There is so much I could say about the first video, but I will focus on one thing.

I've spent most of the past year in the Horn of Africa, and he is right in saying things there are bad. However, it is not for the reasons he stated. The reason things are bad there is two reasons.

1) Globalist institutions like The World Bank have locked those people in to a debt slavery that makes it impossible to build basic infrastructure.
2) Terrible corruption from within. The country I was in had a drug dealer as the President.

Trestin said...