Tuesday, August 9, 2011

UK Riots: Passersby Robbed, Forced To Strip On Their Way Home

Here's a picture that's worth a thousand words:
Humiliation: A young man is forced to strip to his underpants in the street, having apparently already handed his t-shirt and trainers to a looter. There were unconfirmed reports last night of victims being made to strip in Deptford, south London, and in Birmingham
When gang culture is regarded as part of some groups' cultural identity and heritage, when gun ownership is restricted and self defense is punished far more severely than the crime - what else could we expect? Oh, and some good news: the police is now getting ready to fight back. They may even use plastic bullets...

Darn, we're lucky that at least those shells and missiles that the British troops fired at the German warplanes back in the Second World War weren't made of plastic.

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Osumashi Kinyobe said...

Rock salt.

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