Monday, September 19, 2011

You Can Strangle Your Newborn Child, Just Don't Spank Him

Check out this video report by Michael Coren. Yes, believe it or not, a devoted parent that took the trouble to discipline his child was treated far more harshly than a woman who strangled her newborn baby and threw the body over the fence. Of course, the fact that the above mentioned parent was a Christian man, played a significant role in his and his family's ordeal. Too bad, there's no name of that feminazi jackboot posing as social worker; the one for whom traditional family relationship means slavery, and who will most likely not bear any personal responsibility for abusing her authority, for striving to destroy a successful family just for adhering to values she didn't agree with, for using parents and children as guinea pigs in her social experiment...

But I can name another person - a politician who's been repeatedly trying to further restrict parental rights. I'm talking about CĂ©line Hervieux-Payette, a Liberal Senator for Quebec, who kept introducing "anti-spanking" bill in the Senate since 2004. Fortunately, she doesn't have much chances during this Parliament and once this Parliament is over, she'll be retiring soon thereafter... But at one point she actually was on the brink of success. Her bill passed the Senate and went to the House of Commons where the Conservative minority (only 125 seats back then) would be powerless to stop it.

In the end, it was the 2008 election that saved Canadian families from even more government intrusion, harassment and persecution. But, as you can see, lack of an official ban doesn't mean lack of persecution for devoted parents.

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