Sunday, November 6, 2011

40 Days for Life in Moncton - Looking Back

This year, we held two 40 Day vigils - in Moncton and in Fredericton; and we had enough volunteers to keep both vigils going. It wasn't always easy to find at least one spare hour to attend the vigil and the weather was not always favorable, but we made it. 40 days, 480 vigil hours, over 150 committed volunteers who participated at least once.

Unlike the previous year, this year's vigil got some publicity in the newspapers, as an angry letter from a feminist city councilor from Dieppe (who complained about those evil Bible-thumpers that push their religious beliefs on poor women) and then our numerous rebuttals (surprisingly, most of them did get published) led to quite a discussion. Obviously, this got the pro-abort gang up and ready for their counter-protests. But it also got the message out to those pro-lifers who otherwise wouldn't be aware of our vigil. Several times during the vigil I saw a passer-by coming to us, asking if we were the 40 Days for Life group and how does one join...

And, since it was after all a prayer vigil, I decided to try the 54 Day Miracle Rosary Novena to Our Lady. The idea was welcomed by many committed vigil keepers. We started saying these novenas from the very first day and, since the vigil is only 40 days, we better not forget about the remaining 2 weeks.

The 40 Days for Life website mentions 465 babies saved from abortion during this past vigil. Was there at least one life saved in Moncton? Statistically - that was quite probable. But we never know. When a vigil is held at a general hospital, we can never spot a client that has cancelled the deadly appointment and turned back. We have to walk by faith, not by sight. Just be there and pray. Pray to end abortion.

Special thanks to Dr. Joe who took the trouble to manage a special blog for the Moncton 40 Days where vigil keepers could share their thoughts, their stories, their concerns...

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