Saturday, November 12, 2011

Environmentalist ‘Science’ Is The Blind Faith Cult Of The Decade

For the umpteenth time, what's being positioned as climate science is nothing but a blind faith cult of "mother Gaia":
But Science! There’s an institution we can still believe in. And most of us still do-as if fallen, sinful human beings turn into angels the moment they don lab coats.

Thanks to Science we have learned to believe in some of the most preposterous and malignant notions ever dreamed up in this poor, sin-laden world. We believe, for instance, in Evolution, or in Man-made Global Warming-because we are told, over and over and over again, that we must believe in it.

Unhappily for Science, but happily for us, Global Warming scientists have been caught cheating more times than all the convicts on Riker’s Island put together; so we now have insight into the magical process that transforms 100% pure humbug into “settled science” that no one is allowed to question.
And to make things worse, this Gaia cult twists basic social values inside out, branding large families - "unfair" and "selfish" and proclaiming having children "a sin". (The fact that they actually use this word makes it clear what environmentalism truly is.)

That alone would be convincing enough to detest the global warm-mongering cult, even if all other reasons to be a "global warming skeptic" didn't exist. And here are some disturbing facts about the green cult and it's key prophet. We may even call that - an inconvenient truth...

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