Saturday, November 26, 2011

Global Warm-Mongers Unite

Check out this video report by Ezra Levant for some disturbing facts about one multinational corporation with the carbon footprint of a small city, which nevertheless is one of the key participants at the global warm-mongers' gathering in Durban. Well, we can't have a big environmentalist convention without Greenpeace, can we?

And, of course, it's quite easy to believe in man-made global warming at a comfy beach resort someplace in the Southern hemisphere, especially if it's thanks to these believes that one gets a free five-star sunny vacation in the middle of winter in the first place. But what happens if a warm-monger has a hard time defending his point of view in a scientific debate? Well, the answer is obvious:
Almost exactly two years since damning email messages were released from Great Britain's University of East Anglia showing a pattern of deception and collusion between scientists involved in spreading the global warming myth, a new batch of such correspondence has emerged that seems destined to get as little press coverage as the original ClimateGate scandal did in November 2009.

James Delingpole reported in Britain's Telegraph Tuesday:
Breaking news: two years after the Climategate, a further batch of emails has been leaked onto the internet by a person – or persons – unknown. And as before, they show the "scientists" at the heart of the Man-Made Global Warming industry in a most unflattering light. Michael Mann, Phil Jones, Ben Santer, Tom Wigley, Kevin Trenberth, Keith Briffa – all your favourite Climategate characters are here, once again caught red-handed in a series of emails exaggerating the extent of Anthropogenic Global Warming, while privately admitting to one another that the evidence is nowhere near as a strong as they'd like it to be.

In other words, what these emails confirm is that the great man-made global warming scare is not about science but about political activism. This, it seems, is what motivated the whistleblower 'FOIA 2011' (or "thief", as the usual suspects at RealClimate will no doubt prefer to tar him or her) to go public.
The BBC is reporting that these email messages also come from UEA, and number around 5,000. The entire set is available at MegaUpload.
This kind of discourse, has gone beyond the academic circles and is being widely used by governments to silence opposition to their "green" tax schemes:
THE whitewash begins. Now that the carbon tax has passed through federal parliament, the government's clean-up brigade is getting into the swing by trying to erase any dissent against the jobs-destroying legislation.

On cue comes the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, which this week issued warnings to businesses that they will face whopping fines of up to $1.1m if they blame the carbon tax for price rises.
There will be 23 carbon cops roaming the streets doing snap audits of businesses that "choose to link your price increases to a carbon price".

Instead, the ACCC suggests you tell customers you've raised prices because "the overall cost of running (your) business has increased".
Outrageous, isn't it? But let's look at it from the environmentalist prospective: the science is settled, the debate is over, all we have to do now is pay those carbon taxes, carbon offsets and other eco fees to save the planet from warming up even further...

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