Friday, November 4, 2011

No Weapons Means No Remembrance Day?!

Ottawa school uses this lame excuse to cancel Remembrance Day symposium.
The 20th anniversary of an educational Remembrance Day event is being cancelled at a west Ottawa Catholic high school after the teacher organizing it was told "no tanks or guns" are allowed in the school.

Notre Dame High School history teacher Gene Michaud sent an e-mail to friends last Friday, sadly announcing the end of the Remembrance Day Symposium -- shocking many in the military community.

"There's a huge difference between some kid with a grudge bringing a weapon that's loaded into a school, and veterans putting on a Remembrance display with non-functioning historical replicas," said Wayne Mac Culloch, a retired major who spent more than 40 years in the Canadian Forces, including five missions overseas.

"What we've got going on here is a warped perspective of no weapons in schools."
It's hard to picture a group of (supposedly) sane people who can't distinguish between a hate-filled murderer with a gun and a veteran bringing in a harmless museum replica for Remembrance Day display. Most likely there must be someone on the school board who despises the military, who is ashamed of our history, who sees himself as a "world citizen" rather than as a Canadian - and who does not approve of an event that honors war veterans. Especially since this year's symposium was actually going to include some veterans from Afghanistan...

We've seen something similar happening in NB a couple years ago: A school principal banned O Canada citing "sensitivity" concerns when the real reason for banishing the national anthem had to do with the principal's radical "Green internationalist" views. Now we most likely have yet another self-hating peacenik using the first excuse he could think of to sanitize Remembrance Day event if not to ban it outright.

All of this so ironic. As veterans are pushed out a school, professional protestors are breaking a dozen municipal laws everyday as they “occupy” Confederation Park. While the legalities are ignored, we are even providing these squatters with free electricity, which will only encourage long term camping on public land. Veterans be damned and professional protestors who cannot even articulate a coherent political message are welcome.
That says it all, doesn't it?

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