Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pro-Life Students Refuse To Be Censored

Despite the objections from the university, the the Genocide Awareness Project display at Simon Fraser University went on as planned:
BURNABY, British Columbia, November 7, 2011 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Pro-life students at Simon Fraser University set up a display on campus depicting the horror of abortion without incident Monday morning, despite the university’s disapproval.

SFU administration said they would not approve the event, organized by campus club SFU Lifeline, because the club would not agree to turn their signs so that passing students would not see them inadvertently.

But club president Mary-Clare Turner told LifeSiteNews the event was on despite the lack of official approval. “The university hasn’t threatened us with anything at all. They just told us that they were disappointed that we had not set up the signs the way they had requested us to. But that’s all,” she explained.

“I take that as implied permission to continue the display tomorrow as we had planned,” she added.
And it's the same rhetorical question once again - imagine if the university told the organizers of occupiers rally to turn their "99%" signs inwards, so that nobody except the participants could see them. Or, if an anti-war protest was only allowed on condition that no images of death and destruction would be visible to the public. I bet, all the newspapers and TV channels would be screaming discrimination within minutes.

Somehow, not many notice the discrimination when such restrictions are imposed on pro-lifers. And I'm afraid that the university hasn't yet had its final say; we may yet see some reprisals from their end - anything from denying SFU Lifeline its official club status and all the way to trespassing or misconduct charges, if not arrests and expulsions. There have been way to many precedents set already.

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